Special Note for SoME1

The direct link to the submitted lesson is :

But it is somewhat unusual, and might require some explanations / context to SoME1 community…

What is it ?

This is not a video, it’s a different type of interactive lesson, without any word or technical explanation. Instead, participants are guided by a series of questions, and they have to use trial and error. This is a lesson disguised as a puzzle.

The theme is : proportions and cross multiplying, but it won’t event be mentioned during the lesson - remember, no words !!

The first part is not related to the main theme, it is here to put the player in a "puzzle" mindset, instead of a "knowledge quiz" mindset.

Intended audience

It was built with people afraid of maths in mind (or lacking confidence in maths). But it will apply to everybody, as long as they are comfortable with simple calculations like 3 × 4 or 10 × 5.

Don’t assume it’s for children only : you would be surprised at the number of adults struggling with proportions !

Why now ?

A while ago, we published https://silentteacher.toxicode.fr, introducing basic concepts of programming. Since, I tried to adapt this concept to maths explanations. I made some prototype but it lacked crucial parts and polishing, preventing its use without a teacher nearby, explaining and filling the blanks. Because of that, I could not publish it online… and it has been more than two years in taking the dust and being postponed. Until that gentle push from Grant with his SoME1 initiative.

Grant, thank you for doing that, and for the care and depth you put into explaining maths !

by Pierre Lancien, pierre.lancien@toxicode.fr